I am committed to me!

I made a commitment to myself some time ago, and I wanted a tangible reminder, so I had it engraved on a necklace. I am committed to me. I’ve often made commitments and promises to myself, only to forget about them shortly afterwards. But this particular commitment felt different; it felt like it held more power and the potential for transformation. Although I hadn’t yet defined exactly what it meant, I made the commitment anyway. It felt empowering to dedicate my energy to honoring my wants and dreams, and being true to who I am.

Over time, this commitment evolved into something greater. It encompassed the notion of loving myself wholly, embracing both the good and the bad within me. There were the easy to love parts of me that were joyful, playful, and driven to seek magic. I had to learn to love the parts of myself that were fearful, judgmental, and burdened by shame.

When you committ to yourself your inner judge/critic will show up in an attempt to stop you, they want to you to abandon yourself to keep you within their narrow parameters. You’ll get to know them well, if you don’t already. I envision my inner critic as a childlike figure trying to navigate an adult world. She is scared and relies on outdated ideas and beliefs that only serve to keep her small and stuck. While I empathize with her, I no longer allow her voice to dictate my actions.

My critic would often emerge when I felt inspired to pursue a new endeavor that might increase my visibility. The critic would whisper doubts in my ear, questioning my abilities and causing me to abandon my actions, retreating back into my comfort zone. I had grown skilled at abandoning myself to others’ ideas, opinions, and expectations. I often believed it was necessary to become someone else, someone I wasn’t truly meant to be.

I was able to move forward in the moments that I recognized her presence, acknowledging her while asserting my determination, saying, “I see you and I hear you, but I’ve got this.”

As women, we have mastered the art of commitment to others, dedicating ourselves to caring for everyone and prioritizing their needs above our own. Committing to ourselves may seem selfish, indulgent, or even entitled, but it is not. In fact, it all begins with us. How can we show up as our best selves if we haven’t taken the time to understand who that person truly is? How can we teach our children to embrace their authenticity if we don’t model it ourselves?

Stary by asking introspective questions: Who am I in the world? Who do I want to be? What must I let go of to make room for growth? These inquiries are the first step on the path toward coming home to ourselves.

Establishing a clear sense of where we are and where we want to go, while maintaining the willingness to adjust and adapt our course will dramatically increase the probability of reaching that place we desire to be.

In embarking on this journey of commitment to myself, I’ve discovered the transformative power of self-love, authenticity, and honoring my dreams and desires. It’s a personal voyage that necessitates continuous self-discovery, empathy toward our inner struggles, and a dedication to our own well-being. By embracing this commitment, we enhance our own lives and the lives of those we love.

Remember, you are committed to you, and that commitment holds immeasurable power.