I Am Not An Alcoholic

I am not an alcoholic and I am someone who’s been brought to their knees by alcohol. That’s a bold statement and could cause some people to immediately get defensive. I get that because I once referred to myself as an alcoholic. I bought into the idea even though it never really felt true for … Read more

Seven Suitcases

I made a truly life-changing decision some time ago – I decided to sell everything and embark on a journey to fulfill my dream of full-time travel. As you can imagine, such an adventure requires a great deal of planning and preparation. Now, I must confess, I absolutely love planning and preparing. In fact, I’ve … Read more

I am committed to me!

I made a commitment to myself some time ago, and I wanted a tangible reminder, so I had it engraved on a necklace. I am committed to me. I’ve often made commitments and promises to myself, only to forget about them shortly afterwards. But this particular commitment felt different; it felt like it held more … Read more

The Sober Edge: Stepping Out of the ‘Rooms’ and Into Adventure with Racquel Reid

This episode highlights one woman’s journey through AA and beyond. During the course of this conversation, my guest, Racquel Reid will share her story of recovery and the benefits and, for her, pitfalls of a traditional 12-step program.

Racquel shares openly about the four years where she lived most of her life in the recovery rooms as an AA Poster Girl. Racquel quietly discovered that the longer she stayed in the program, the more disempowered she felt. She lost trust with herself and found herself simply existing vs. living. When Racquel decided she was craving fulfillment, she started a small group to support women getting outside of the walls of AA and into nature. That led to a deep dive into mediation and eventually to discovering the work of Annie Grace and This Naked Mind. A TNM coach since 2021, Racquel has continued to stretch her sense of adventure and curiosity and in early 2023 Racquel will leave her permanent home behind and travel the world, connecting with people, cultures and adventure! She will continue to offer 1:1 coaching for women who are excited about finding their own passion for growth.