The Sober Edge: Stepping Out of the ‘Rooms’ and Into Adventure with Racquel Reid

This episode highlights one woman’s journey through AA and beyond. During the course of this conversation, my guest, Racquel Reid will share her story of recovery and the benefits and, for her, pitfalls of a traditional 12-step program.

Racquel shares openly about the four years where she lived most of her life in the recovery rooms as an AA Poster Girl. Racquel quietly discovered that the longer she stayed in the program, the more disempowered she felt. She lost trust with herself and found herself simply existing vs. living. When Racquel decided she was craving fulfillment, she started a small group to support women getting outside of the walls of AA and into nature. That led to a deep dive into mediation and eventually to discovering the work of Annie Grace and This Naked Mind. A TNM coach since 2021, Racquel has continued to stretch her sense of adventure and curiosity and in early 2023 Racquel will leave her permanent home behind and travel the world, connecting with people, cultures and adventure! She will continue to offer 1:1 coaching for women who are excited about finding their own passion for growth.

Bite-Sized Balance Podcast with Wendy McCallum: Finding Magic in Midlife Recovery (with Racquel Reid)

Racquel Reid is a certified This Naked Mind coach with a unique story of recovery. In this episode, Racquel shares her drinking story and explains why her life got smaller 11 years ago when she first stopped drinking, and how after years of feeling “abnormal” and hiding away from the world, she rediscovered her power and magic and has built a life beyond what she could have imagined. Both in the “zigs and zags” of menopause, Racquel and Wendy discuss how happy they are to be alcohol-free at this stage of their hormonal lives and how they have both discovered a confidence and clarity in menopause. Racquel shares her next big leap: taking her coaching business on the road as she explores South America and Eastern Asia on her own.

As a coach, Racquel works primarily with women who have already stopped drinking but are feeling disempowered and less than magical about their own lives.

This Naked Mind: EP 531: Naked Life Story – Racquel Reid

Racquel credits AA with saving her life from alcohol yet despite immersing herself in it she never felt as if it was the best fit for her. She looked for fulfillment and connection in so many ways but it didn’t all come together for her until a friend introduced her to something different from AA, namely, This Naked Mind. Annie and Racquel discuss why willpower can be a sticky subject, the importance of being open to change, and our responsibility to help others.

Are you realizing that there’s something more? That you’re so excited about this change in your life – Maybe you’ve put down the bottle for good – and you just want to pay it forward. You want to help others in their moments of need move through that discomfort. You wonder what it would feel like to celebrate your own journey by paying it forward and giving back what you’ve been given. Now is the time to find out! Enrollment is now open for our coaching certification program with This Naked Mind Institute.

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