This Naked Mind: EP 531: Naked Life Story – Racquel Reid

Racquel credits AA with saving her life from alcohol yet despite immersing herself in it she never felt as if it was the best fit for her. She looked for fulfillment and connection in so many ways but it didn’t all come together for her until a friend introduced her to something different from AA, namely, This Naked Mind. Annie and Racquel discuss why willpower can be a sticky subject, the importance of being open to change, and our responsibility to help others.

Are you realizing that there’s something more? That you’re so excited about this change in your life – Maybe you’ve put down the bottle for good – and you just want to pay it forward. You want to help others in their moments of need move through that discomfort. You wonder what it would feel like to celebrate your own journey by paying it forward and giving back what you’ve been given. Now is the time to find out! Enrollment is now open for our coaching certification program with This Naked Mind Institute.

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